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To some Kansas is home, and to others, Kansas is a wonderful getaway in the RV. That dry, flat region is something to behold on a nice summer day, and passing through in your RV is something even better. Now occasionally, we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle when we are supposed to be vacationing, and no one looks forward to those moments. Maybe your tire gave out on you while you were driving at night, or maybe you are planning on fixing up the RV before your next trip; give Cordova’s a call. Cordova’s is a reliable mobile RV service that can help you whether you are in Abilene, KS; Tonganoxie, KS; or Milford, KS. We not only serve those areas, but in several cities throughout the United States!

If you are in need of emergency RV service or are just searching for an RV service company to help you modernize your coach, we are the company to call. Offering mobile RV repairs is not the only thing we specialize in; we take care of your coach appliances, offer electrical services, take care of water heater repairs, offer optimal winterization options and even work on renovations.

We at Cordova’s are essentially your one-stop RV shop, because we also offer a wide variety of parts from a large selection of manufacturers. Most of these products feature warranties through the manufacturer, but one thing you will always receive is our labor warranty. So whether you are in need of an RV repair service or are simply looking to upgrade your family’s favorite set of wheels, reach out to as at Cordova’s where we don’t sell anything to you that you don’t need. If you need emergency RV service in Abilene, KS; Tonganoxie, KS; or Milford, KS contact Cordova’s Mobile RV Service.

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